A Rug Man's Rugs

The Story and Collection of Sam J. Kahl

Including a historical background and practical buyer’s guide.

In the 56 year span of his career, Sam J. Kahl set high personal and professional standards. In the course of his practice, many remarkable rugs passed through his hands. A few of them – if you call nearly 500 rugs a few – he held for himself and for his family. This is the mother lode from which we have mined some monumental nuggets, presenting them in a format that allows you, the reader, to not only look, but to compare to others. The comparison pieces include more common, but refined copies, more common contemporary examples, and other rare, unique analogous reference rugs.

More than anything, we offer you the heart of our father’s passion – these are a rug man’s rugs.

— David Kahl, 
February 18, 2010